(Acknowledgement to Manx National Heritage Library)


The Marown parish register which has survived contains no marriages before late 1799. Marown, being the central parish of the Island, might be expected to have a wide variety of parishioners from all the surrounding parishes being married in its parish church. In the 1970's, I transcribed details of around 220 marriages, involving around 440 individuals out of the Bishop's Transcripts. This goes some way to filling up the gap caused by the late start of the marriage register. There are still gaps because of the uneven survival of the B.T's.

The following major gaps still remain:

1739 No marriages survive
February 1768 - May 1786 Gap in B.T.'s

Please note as follows: 1. The entries have NOT YET BEEN CHECKED AGAINST THE ORIGINAL B.T.'S 2. Some of the spellings of surnames are very corrupt in the originals. 3. The dates have been altered to the New Style e.g. 20th March 1739/40 appears as 20 Mar 1740. 4. Where no parish is given for bride or groom, it is taken to be Marown. 5. Cross references to the obvious modern names are provided as a pointer. 6. Christian names have been standardised and expanded e.g. Jon to John etc.


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